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Snapshot: Invetech

Name: Richard Grant
Title: Director, Life Science and Pharmaceutical
Company: Invetech
Location: Melbourne, Australia and San Diego CA
Social Media: @invetech
Year Founded:
Number of Employees: ~200
Product or Pipeline, Phase: Product Development and Contract Manufacturing

What does it mean to be an innovation partner to the life science industry?

Being an innovation partner allows us to contribute to the research community and advance both health care and general scientific knowledge. Our associates are problem solvers and derive much satisfaction from solving problems and assisting others to advance their understanding.

Why do companies need innovation partners?

Companies need the broad range of experience and different outlooks that innovation partners can provide. Frame breaking insights can be achieved by providing external perspectives and challenging internal preconceptions and behaviors.

How do you work with life science companies?

We work collaboratively to fill gaps in experience and capability and/or capacity to deliver. Our focus, skills and experience allow us reduce time to market by up to 50% compared with some of our client’s internal developments.

What are the factors for success in your industry?

Understanding our client’s needs and in turn their customer’s needs is key to our ability to develop successful products. Developing reliable, robust products quickly in order to generate early revenue for our clients.
To deliver the above we find that our skills and experience in the areas of client relationship management (communication), our system definition process, project management, innovation and industry knowledge are key.

Why California?

The concentration of Life Science companies in California was key to our decision to set up in San Diego.
We had many existing clients in California and being closer to our clients is important to them and us.
The availability of engineers experienced in the Life Science industry as potential associates was important.
Finally the overlap in time zones with Australia was also a strong driver for selecting California.

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