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Snapshot: Gilead Sciences

Name: John Martin, Ph.D.
Title: Chairman and CEO
Company: Gilead Sciences, Inc.
Location: Foster City, CA
Social Media: @GileadSciences
Year Founded: 1987
Number of Employees: 4,800
Description: Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes innovative medicines in areas of unmet medical need. With each new discovery and experimental drug candidate, we seek to improve the care of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases around the world.
Products or Pipeline: Our portfolio of 15 marketed products includes medicines for HIV/AIDS, liver disease, cardiovascular disease and respiratory conditions. Our research and development effort is the largest it has ever been, with more than 75 Phase 2 and 3 clinical studies evaluating compounds for HIV/AIDS, liver disease, cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, cancer and inflammation.

How would you describe the M&A environment?

The M&A environment for the life sciences industry is thriving and evolving. We see M&A as focused on recognizing and supporting the strengths of complementary partners. I expect M&A to pay dividends for our industry in the coming years, by being a critical source of innovation.

Why is being in California important to your company?

California supports our workforce and our values. The talent base here is exceptional, and that helps recruit more of the best and brightest talents across a range of disciplines to live and work here. The state’s diversity is also a major asset for the high-tech economy overall – it encourages openness to new ideas and new ways of working.

Do you think the life science economy is shifting? Where it is going (global, industry shifts)?

The life science economy is broadening its reach and impact. At the same time as the industry remains strong in North America and Europe, other regions are emerging as leaders. This is a very positive development. We are working to address diseases that impact people all over the world – diseases like HIV and viral hepatitis, and we are focused both on innovation in drug development and innovation in ensuring access to those individuals most in need.

Why is NIH funding important to the life science industry?

NIH support for scientific and clinical research produces tremendous benefits not only for human health but also the United States and global economy. Many significant medical breakthroughs in the past half-century have been the result of collaboration between government and industry.

Why is innovation important to the life science industry?

We face a number of challenges developing new and improved therapies for serious unmet medical needs, including diseases that are impacting entire communities here in California and around the world. Innovation can be found in all aspects of our business – in creating a new drug, improving a manufacturing process, simplifying how treatment is delivered. We’ve made significant advances in HIV therapy over the past decade, and as a result patients can now take a complete regimen in one single tablet, once daily. These kinds of innovations allow us to continue delivering value to the medical community and to patients, and they are critical to sustaining our industry.

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